Automation Hero Support

Automation Hero Support Portal Address

Sign Up/In for a User Account at Automation Hero Support

In a web browser, enter the address

Click Sign in.

Sign Up

Sign up for a new Automation Hero support account by clicking Sign up.

Enter your name and email address.

Mark the CAPTCHA box.

Click Sign up.

An account conformation email is sent to your email address.

Open the email and click the conformation link.

After the Automation Hero support portal opens, enter a name and password for the account. When complete, click Set password.

You are then redirected to the Automation Hero support main page where you can:

  • Submit a ticket
  • View the FAQ
  • View announcements

Sign In

If you have already signed up for an Automation Hero support account:

Enter your login email address and password.

Click Sign in.

You are then redirected to the Automation Hero support main page where you can:

  • Submit a ticket
  • View FAQ
  • View announcements

Submit a Ticket to Automation Hero Support

From the main page, click Submit a request

Fill in the ticket fields.

Please enter as many details of your issue as possible, including:

  • The use-case you are considering/developing
  • Errors or behavior presented
  • Testing/debugging steps undertaken

The final three fields on the form are optional, but provide Automation Hero with additional context when evaluating the issue or request.

  • The platform version can be found in your Hero_Flow application. 
    • When logging into Hero_Flow, click on the "i" symbol in the upper-right corner of the window.
    • An informational "About" window is presented which contains app version information.

  • The Components section refers to a list of different features within the Automation Hero platform. If applicable to your ticket, you may optionally select one or multiple tags.

When complete, click Submit.

Submit a Ticket to Automation Hero Support Without a User Account

It is possible to submit a ticket to Automation Hero support without having an account.

From, click Submit a request, enter your email address, and follow the instructions above to submit a ticket.

Tickets submitted without an account are replied to only via email and cannot be viewed from Automation Hero's support portal.

We recommend users sign up before submitting a ticket to support.