Automation Hero takes security seriously. Learn more about how we ensure that all data is protected. With clients at the local and national levels in multiple countries, it's vital that we abide by all legal requirements. Hero Platform_ is as compliant as a technology can get!

Hero Platform_ Security

We are fully committed to providing reliable services that are reliable, including enterprise-grade security. Hero Platform_ complies with any and all laws and regulations that govern our services, whether related to financial, operational, or other compliance requirements.

Hero Platform_ meets a wide range of compliance standards:

  • SOC 2
  • PCI
  • LGPD
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • and more!

Security Procedures

Automation Hero clearly documents all user security commitments in customer agreements. All processes and procedures related to Hero Platform_ are explicitly designed to meet all service commitments that Automation Hero makes to users.

For example, Hero Platform_

  • permits users to access only the information they need based on their role.

  • employs encryption protocols that protect customer data at rest and in transit.

Even our human-in-the-loop component provides a customized opportunity to ensure that all information is accurate, relevant, and secure for the customer.


Hero Platform _ can be configured to only stream data. However, in most cases it makes sense to have data stored intermediately, and some use cases won't work at all of if data isn't stored. This is often simply a matter of math—you cannot perform certain operations within the platform if you don't store data, especially with a large volume of data. This is still compliant though! In these cases, the environment is entirely owned by the client and fully separated from the environments of other clients. Even we don't have access to the data unless the customer explicitly allows us to.

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