Follow along with automation developers at Automation Hero to build your own automation Flow from start to finish. Automation Hero's First Flow Tutorial series familiarizes new users with our powerful automation platform. Learn foundational skills such as creating connections to your data and building a Flow in our point and click environment. We provide everything you need from the demo data to the step-by-step instructions to build your first Flow.

Once you've mastered these, build more advanced Flows to start saving time and freeing yourself from boring click work.

Tutorials include:

  1. Filter Customer Information in Dropbox - This Flow will automatically filter customer information in Dropbox and create two new folders for the updated customer information.

  2. Extract Amazon Product Reviews - This Screen Automation will automatically pull and organize product reviews from Amazon into a Google Form to download as a spreadsheet.

  3. Update Salesforce Contacts from Email - This Flow will automatically update customer contact information in Salesforce from an email.

  4. Stock Price Email Response - This Flow will automatically respond to email requests for specific stock prices with updated stock prices pulled from World Trading Data.

  5. Automated Quote Request Response - This Flow uses an intent detection model and a named-entity recognition model to identify and respond to quote requests with accurate information to satisfy the quote request.

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