Flow Tutorial 3 - Stock Ticker Information REST Lookup

This tutorial includes a video and documented time stamps to walk you through building an automation Flow that identifies stock ticker abbreviations from emails, finds the current price for the requested stocks, and replies to the original sender with the requested stock price information. 

The Problem to Solve

You want to automatically respond to customers emailing requests for current stock prices.


To follow along with this tutorial you will need to have:

Video - Stock Ticker Information REST Lookup

Outline with Timestamps

The steps to complete for this tutorial are noted with timestamps to the video above:

Time StampAction
01:04Send two stock price requests emails
01:54Confirm emails arrived in inbox
02:28Log into IEX Cloud and review console
02:59Review IEX API documentation
03:33Log into Hero_Flow
03:39Create Gmail IMAP Connection
04:48Create Gmail SMTP Connection
05:19Create a REST Connection to IEX Cloud
05:55Create a Gmail (IMAP) Input
07:13Start building the automated Flow
07:27Add the Input (Gmail IMAP) in the Flow
07:34Add the Flatten List function to change the email List value to a String value
08:05Add the Constant String function to hold the IEX API token
08:41Add the Contains function to scan the email subjects
09:07Add the RegExtract function to extract the stock ticker abbreviations from the email bodies
09:57Add the Concat function to be able to send the regex output to the REST Lookup as a String value
10:37Add the ReplaceAll function to remove the parentheses from the stock ticker value to be used in the REST Lookup function
11:45Add the REST Lookup function to request the stock ticker data
14:33Add the Concat function to format the trade share size data from a Long value to a String value
15:15Add the Concat function to format the price data from a Double value to a String value
15:33Add the Multiple Constants function to bring the stock ticker data, price data, and size data together
16:11Add the Concat function to combine the results from the IEX Cloud API with the String values (above)
17:17Add the Aggregate function to create a String value of the data to send to the stock requester
19:16Create a Gmail (SMTP) Output
20:06Add the Output (Gmail SMTP) to the Flow
21:38Run the Flow
21:57Confirm automated response emails arrived to stock price requester's email inbox