Flow Tutorial 4 - Automated Quote Request Response

This tutorial includes a video and documented time stamps to walk you through building an automation Flow with AI models from start to finish.

The Problem to Solve

You want to automatically respond to emailed customer quote requests for the cost to ship a package. You want to accurately respond to these emails with the correct price or with a request for further information as needed. 

Required Materials

To follow along with this tutorial you will need to have:

Gmail Account (free)

Remote MySQL account at https://remotemysql.com/ (free)

Users that experience problems using the RemoteMySQL service can alternatively download the following PDF to complete the tutorial using a different free online SQL service.  

Download instructions for tutorial 4 using db4free.net


AI Models 

Please email learning@automationhero.ai for access to the AI models. We are happy to share them.

  • Intent Detection Model 
  • Quotation Extraction Model 

Connections Configuration Information

Database Set Up

Model Configuration

Customer Quote Requests

Output Email Templates


For best results, use the Chrome browser

Video - Set Up Remote Database

Video - Automated Quote Request Response Demo

The AI models we provide you for free with this tutorial have been trained on a small set of data and therefore may not respond accurately to emails you send outside of the basic pattern below – though you are welcome to test the limits. With more extensive training, the AI models could recognize and respond to more complex requests. They are meant for training and demo purposes.

Outline with Time Stamps

The steps to complete for this tutorial are noted with timestamps to the video above:

00:01:24.15Overview of Manual Quote Request
00:02:26.15Quote Request Use Case Overview
00:03:21.03Log In to Hero_Flow
00:04:04.28Build an Automation Flow with AI models
00:04:27.14Create Connections 
00:04:27.14Connect to Email and External DB
00:04:54.11Set Up IMAP
00:06:18.27Set Up SMTP
00:07:05.23Set Up DBLookup / JDBC
00:08:54.25Create Inputs & Outputs
00:09:15.29Create Inputs
00:09:26.11Set Up Gmail
00:11:03.09Create Outputs
00:11:41.08Create an Output #1 “Quote - Success”
00:12:28.17Build Email Template
00:14:10.08Mapping Fields in an Output “Quote - No Quote”
00:16:28.11Building Additional Outputs
00:16:53.24Create Output #2 “Quote - No Quote”
00:18:25.27Create Output #3 “Quote - Location Missing”
00:19:33.02Create Output #4 “Quote - Price Not Found”
00:20:56.27Flow Review - Connections, Inputs, Outputs
00:21:55.12Upload New AI Models
00:21:55.12Upload a New AI Model (Intent)
00:23:02.02Configure Intent Model
00:25:02.11Upload a New AI Model (Extraction)
00:25:33.21Configure Extraction Model
00:27:23.04Create a New Flow
00:28:38.04Add an Input
00:29:13.29Select & Configure a Function - ConstantString
00:31:45.26Select & Configure a Function - QuoteIntent
00:34:07:10Select & Configure Function - Filter IsGreaterThan
00:35:17.19Select & Configure Function - Filter IsLessThanOrEqual
00:36:26.15Add an Output #1 - “Quote - No Quote”
00:38:11.14Select & Configure Function - AI Model QuoteExtract
00:39:07.19Data Clean Up - RegExtract
00:42:30.25Select & Configure Function - Flatten List
00:44:16.00Flow Review - Functions
00:45:55.17Select & Configure Function - Length
00:47:06.14Flow Review - Checking Progress
00:49:22.24Select & Configure Functions for Origin
00:50:53.13Add an Output #2 “Quote - Location Missing”
00:51:36.00Select & Configure Functions for Destination 
00:52:32.18Add an Output #3 “Quote - Location Missing”
00:53.42.02Select & Configure Function - Lookup
00:56:35.15Select & Configure Function - Filter IsNull / IsNotNull 
00:58:34.12Add an Output #4 “Quote - Price Not Found”
00:59:22.20Flow Review - Checking Progress
00:59:35.10Add an Output #5 “Quote - Success”
01:00:21.29Flow Review- Summary of Entire Flow
01:00:44.24Preview of Email Inbox 
01:01:48.21Run Flow  & Confirm Success
01:01:48.21Generate an Automated Email Response to a Quote Request
Not shownStop or Delete the Environment to avoid incurring costs