Visual Quick Start

The Automation Hero platform is Hero_Flow. The components of Hero_Flow are Robin, Hero_Go, Connections, Flow Studio, and AI Studio.


Traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is all about training software robots to do iterative tasks without changing the system evolved. Hero_Go is a point and click RPA interface to build classic automations such as automating the process of extracting data and using that information to fill out forms.


Connections allow the usage of Inputs and Outputs by defining their ”coordinates” and from that moment on using a friendly way to access them.


Here_Flow is a platform to build enhanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). You can use different connectors to feed your data, no matter where it is located, into Hero_Flow's clustered backend for processing. Prepare and process data in the Flow Studio, and then write out your now processed data directly into your database.

This is known as an unattended automation. Once you set it up, this flow continues to run as long as you want. Hero_Flow keeps working so you can concentrate on more important issues.

Hero_Flow also offers attended automations through a built in virtual assistant called Robin. 

Robin, the personal automation assistant presents users with a to-do list of automated tasks to approve. As a user, submit only the automations that help you accelerate your job performance. 

The virtual assistant provides higher quality automations specific for each user.


Flow Studio

The Flow Studio is where users build the automated data pipelines (also called "flows"). Start by bringing in the data you want to use, prepare and perform calculations on your data using Hero_Flow's built in functions, and then output your processed data by writing it to one or more locations including databases, Hero_Go, and Robin. All of this can be completed with drag and drop actions, no coding necessary.

AI Studio

Hero_Flow offers AI capabilities native to the platform. You can upload pre-existing AI models from TenserFlow or you can build your own deep learning AI models within the point and click environment of AI Studio. After you have an AI model for your automation, the model is trained by your data to improve accuracy over time. Your AI models can be used as functions in Flow Studio and multiple AI models can be used in a given flow.