Create and manage Hero Platform_ users and user roles.

Add Hero Platform_ Users

To create a Hero Platform_ user:

  1. Click the heading titled Access on the Administration overview page.
  2. Click Create new User.

  3. Enter the credentials for the new user:
    • Enter a user's name.
    • Enter the user's email address.
    • Assign the user one or more roles.
      • ADMIN - Access to the Hero Platform_ app and the Robin app.
      • ROBIN - Access to the Robin app
      • ROBIN_ADMIN - Access the Robin app. Can view all tasks for skills they can access regardless of filters.
        • A user with an ADMIN role also need the ROBIN_ADMIN role if this user needs access to unfiltered Robin tasks.
    • Enter a password for the user.
      • Requires:
        • a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 128 characters 
        • one upper case letter
        • one lower case letter
        • one number
        • one special character
        • no more than three consecutive characters
    • Confirm the password.
    • Mark the checkbox if the user is currently active with the ability to access their role in Hero Platform_.

  4. Click OK.

Edit, Delete, or Reset the Password for Hero Platform_ Users

To edit, delete, or reset the password of a Hero Platform_ user:

  1. Click the heading titled Access on the Administration home page.
  2. Locate the user to modify.
  3. Click the Settings icon on the far right on the user's row.

Edit User

Editing a user allows an admin to update a user name, email address, user role, and if the user is active/inactive on the Hero Platform_ system.

Enter the updated credentials for the user and click OK to save.

Passwords are not displayed or able to be recovered. If an active user is unable to authenticate, the Reset Password option is available.

Delete User

Click Yes, Delete to confirm that the user will be permanently deleted. 

Deleted user profiles are not recoverable. 

Reset User Password

Enter and confirm a new password for the user. Click OK to save.