Get Started with Automation_Hero

Welcome to Automation Hero's product documentation using Hero Platform_. 

What Is Hero Platform_?

Hero Platform_ is a business process automation platform that combines fast data, AI, and business process management capabilities to optimize workloads in a modern and AI-focused world.  

Hero Platform_ uses Connections to connect to your original data sources, Inputs to identify the specific fields or data from the connection to work with, and Outputs to write the output data after you've completed your data manipulations.

The Connection, Input, and Output in combination are referred to as the data pipeline.

When you use Hero Platform_, your original data is not modified; the results of the automation is written to an Output. That Output could be a new database table added to your original data source.

What Will Hero Platform_ Let You Do?

You can automate business processes to automate common tasks such as data entry, invoice processing, and more. Use it to integrate human validation or motivation into a data or business process workflow. 

Customizing Hero Platform_

A set of Java APIs are available to implement custom Inputs, Outputs, and Functions. Building these features can be accomplished using our provided JVM runtime to test customizations. Developer training and consulting are also available on request to ensure your teams are up and running quickly.