Work with Fixed Form Document Extraction

The Fixed Form feature uses optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) in Hero Platform_ letting users convert images of typed or printed text into machine-encoded text.

Using Fixed Form, users can spend less time and avoid risks associated with human error turning forms into data that can be processed.

Open Documents

Open AI from the navigation menu and select Documents.

Document Overview Page

View the saved document models.

This includes Fixed Form, Invoice, and Custom Invoice.

The documents overview page displays all of the saved document models.

You can view the:

  • Document model names - Name given to identify the document model.
  • Number of versions - The number of different versions for the document model.
    • Individual versions can be accessed within the Document Studio above the layout template image.
  • Created - The date the document model was created.
  • Settings:
    • Edit -  Open the model in Document Studio to edit the model.
    • Clone - Copy the document model.
    • Delete -  Delete the document model.
    • Configuration - Edit the name of the model.

Create a Fixed Form Model

To create a new Fixed Form model:

  1. After opening Documents in Hero Platform_, click Create Document Model.

  2. Enter a name for the Fixed form model and click Next.

  3. Select Fixed Forms and click Next.

  4. Select a layout template from the file browser by clicking Choose file...
    Click Save & Preview.

    A Fixed Form layout template is the reference image to base the OCR readings on for future Input images.

    Supported file types:

    • .jpg
    • .png
    • .pdf

  5. The layout template image is displayed in the Document Studio.
    The Document Studio allows users to define the fields where the text to convert is located.

  6. Click Field in the toolbar to define a field to convert the text within.
    Click and drag on the layout template image to create a field in which to convert the text within.

  7. Configure the Add Field form

    Enter a name for the field.
    Select a field type:

    • Typed text - The field searches and registers typed text. (String)
      • Supports input for unlimited characters.
    • Handwritten Text (BETA) - The field searches and registers handwritten text. (String)
      • Supports input for up to 100 characters.
    • Barcode - The field searches and registers a barcode or QR code. 
      • Supports input for EAN-13/UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, and QR Code.
    • Checkbox - The field searches and registers a single checkbox. (Boolean)
      • Supports any marking in the selected checkbox.

    • Numbers (Typed/Handwritten) - The field searches for numbers that could be typed or handwritten. (String)
      • Supports input for up to 30 characters. Recognize numbers and .-/ characters.

    Click OK to save.

  8. Repeat the process of creating fields for each field on the layout template image.

  9. Click Save after all needed fields have been created.

Results Preview

The results preview section in the Document Studio displays the created fields, the OCRed text, and the Fixed Forms model's confidence percentage that it is correct.

View the results preview

The results preview is located to the right of the layout template image and can be toggled on/off with the Preview button in the toolbar.

When Preview is selected, new fields added to the Fixed Form model are processed and the results are displayed on the right under the Results Preview heading. Depending on the available resources, this action can cause a delay.

When Preview is not selected, new fields added to the Fixed Form model are processed but the results are not available until the Preview button has been enabled. Enabling the results for multiple fields at the same time may reduce overall lag time.

Edit, Delete, and Filter Fields

Fields created in the Document Studio can be edited or deleted from the panel on the right under the fields heading.

Edit a field

To edit a field:

  1. Locate the field name in the fields panel and click the edit icon.
  2. The field configuration form is displayed and can be edited.
  3. Click OK to save the field configuration.

Delete a field

To delete a field:

  1. Locate the field name in the fields panel and click the X icon.
    Confirm to remove the field.
    Mark the box to the left of the field name and then click Remove selected fields.
    Confirm to remove the field.
  2. The field is deleted from the Document Studio layout template image.

No additional warning is displayed for deleting a fields. 

Deleting a field cannot be undone.

Filter Fields

Filter displayed fields by name:

  1. Locate the field name in the fields panel.
  2. In the "Filter by field name" field, enter the filter string.
    1. Fields matching the filter string are displayed.
    2. View all fields by removing the filter string.

Filter displayed fields by page:

  1. Locate the field name in the fields panel.
  2. In the "Filter by page number" field, add or remove page numbers from the drop-down list.
    1. Fields associated with the page number are displayed.
    2. View all fields by adding all page numbers to the filter.

Layout Template Images with Multiple Pages

Document Studio supports multi page images.

Navigate to different pages of a template in the Document Studio by scrolling up/down within the image area.

The page a field is located on is shown on the fields panel.

Delete a page

To delete a page:

  1. Locate the page number in the field panel and click the X icon.
  2. Click Yes, delete.

The page and all fields residing on the page are permanently deleted.


Click the Settings heading to display the files selected for the Fixed Form model.

Remove/delete a Fixed Form image by clicking the X icon.

Document Studio Toolbar and Controls


At the top of the Document Studio, a toolbar is displayed.

  • Save - Select to save the Fixed Form model at the current progression. 
    • Saved Fixed Form models are displayed on the OCR overview page.
  • Undo - Select to revert the previous action made in the Document Studio.
  • Redo - Select to progress from the previous undo action made in the Document Studio.
  • Field - Select to create a field on the layout template image.
  • Reset View - Reverts to the default view of the document in Document Studio.
  • Zoom in - Zoom in on the layout template image.
    • Keyboard shortcut - option+mouse wheel
  • Zoom out - Zoom out on the layout template image.
    • Keyboard shortcut - option+mouse wheel
  • Preview - Toggles the results preview panel and resets the layout template image to the starting position.
  • Close - Select to close the Document Studio.

Use a Fixed Form Model in a Flow

After a Fixed Form model has been saved, it can be used as a function in a Flow.

To use a Fixed Form model in a Flow:

  1. Open and start creating a Flow in the Flow Studio.
  2. View the Document functions in the element browser.
  3. Click and drag a Fixed Form model from the element browser onto the Flow Studio canvas.
  4. Connect the Fixed Form model using a cable from an element in the Flow.
  5. Configure the fields for the Fixed Form model.
    1. Binary and List(Binary) data types are supported.
  6. Click OK to finish adding the Fixed Form model to the Flow.

Fixed Form Snippet Outputs

After adding a Fixed Form model in a Flow, the fields created in the Document Studio are available to use an output field in the Output. This type of field is called a snippet.

A snippet is an image (Binary data type) of what OCR captures from the fields created in the Document Studio.