Work with Connections

What Is a Connection?

A Connection in Hero Platform_ is a means to connect to the location where your data is stored. For example, to add Salesforce data in Hero Platform_, you create a Salesforce Connection and provide the login details such as the URL, username, and password token. 

How to Work with a Connection?

Creating Connections are the first step on your journey to create an automation. Before you can start searching for leads or filling out forms, you need data. A Hero Platform_ Connection provides access to your data. 

Connections are also used in other features of Hero Platform_: 

  • Inputs- A Connection is used to create Inputs when specifying where the data you want to bring into Hero Platform_ is coming from.
  • Outputs- A Connection is used to create Outputs when specifying where the data you want to write out of Hero Platform_ is being written to.

Connections Overview Page

View the Connections overview page by clicking the Integration overview page and select Connections.

The Connections overview page displays all of your current Connections.

You can view the:

  • Connection name - Name given to identify the Connection.
  • Type - The type of technology where the Connection is being made. 
  • Creator - The Hero Platform_ user that created the Connection.
  • Last modified - The date the Connection was last updated. 
  • Settings:
    • Edit - Select to edit the configuration of the Connection.
    • Delete - Select to permanently remove the Connection.
    • Clone - Select to create a duplicate the Connection.

 Resize column widths by dragging the lines between column headings.

Create a New Connection

See how to create a new Connection.

Available Connections

See list of available Connections.