Create a Kafka Connection

Create a Connection with Apache Kafka in Hero Platform_

    1. Open Hero Platform_.

    2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Connections.

   3. Click Create New Connection.

   4. Give the Connection a name and select Kafka from the drop-down list for Connection type.


   5. The Kafka connection details screen pops up with fields that need to be configured.

  • Enter the Bootstrap server address/port for Kafka.
  • Mark the radio button if the Kafka server requires authentication.
    • If authentication is required: 
      • Enter the username and password.
      • Select the SASL Mechanism:
        • SCRAM-SHA-256
        • SCRAM-SHA-512
      • Select the security protocol:
        • Plaintext
        • SSL
        • SASL_Plaintext
        • SASL_SSL
      • Select a certificate


     6. Click Test connection. A confirmation message is displayed if the connection has been established in Hero Platform_.


     7. Click OK to finish saving the Connection in Hero Platform_.