Create a Microsoft Graph Connection

A Microsoft Graph Connection is required for a:

The Microsoft Graph Connection and Input are supported for mail activities.

Uploading files to SharePoint is not supported.

Create a Connection to Microsoft Graph in Hero Platform_

    1. Open Hero Platform_.

    2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Connections.

   3. Click Create New Connection.

   4. Give the Connection a name and select Microsoft Graph from the drop-down list for Connection type.


   5. The Microsoft Connection details screen pops up with fields that need to be configured. 

  • Select the log level:
    • Debug
    • Error
  • Select the authentication type:
    • Login behalf of a user
    • Login as service
  • Enter the Client ID.
  • Enter the Client Secret.
  • Check or enter the Microsoft Graph Auth URI.
  • Check or enter the Microsoft Graph Token URI.
  • Check or enter the permission scope for the Microsoft Graph connection.
  • Click LOG IN
    • Enter the Microsoft Graph account name.
    • Enter the Microsoft Graph password.
  • Mark the radio button Yes if a proxy is required:
    • Enter the proxy host address.
    • Enter the proxy port number.
    • Mark the radio button Yes if authentication is required for the proxy.
      • Enter the username and password.


     6. Click Test connection. A confirmation message is displayed if the connection has been established in Hero Platform_.


     7. Click OK to finish saving the Connection in Hero Platform_.