Create a Swagger Connection

Create a Connection to Swagger in Hero Platform_

    1. Open Hero Platform_.

    2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Connections.

   3. Click Create New Connection.

   4. Give the Connection a name and select Swagger from the drop-down list for Connection type.


   5. The Swagger connection details screen pops up with fields that need to be configured.

  • Select the Swagger authentication type from the drop-down menu.
    • Fill out the authentication information based on the authentication type.
      • OAuth2 (Client Credentials Flow)
      • OAuth2 (Authentication Code Flow)
      • Basic Authentication
      • No Authentication
  • Click Load from file and select your Swagger file or copy and paste it into the box provided. (JSON or YAML format)
    • After selecting the file, the Swagger schema is displayed.
  • Click the Refresh icon to import the base URL from the schema or enter the base URL.
  • To test a Swagger connection, Automation Hero recommends selecting an HTTP method and endpoint that (if possible):

    • doesn’t require any parameters.

    • results a non-html response.

    • uses the same authentication method as the connection.

    If the test method or test endpoint is not configured correctly, the test might produce a false positive or false negative result.

    If there is not an endpoint to use for testing, the connector can still be used in the Flow.

    WARNING: Testing the connection sends a real HTTP request. Avoid the usage of endpoints that modify or trigger actions.


     6. Click Test connection. A confirmation message is displayed if the connection has been established in Hero Platform_.


     7. Click OK to finish saving the Connection in Hero Platform_.