Create an SMTP Connection

Create a Connection to an Email SMTP in Hero Platform_

  1. Open Hero Platform_.
  2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Connections.
  3. Click Create New Connection.

  4. Give the Connection a name and select Email (SMTP) from the drop-down list for Connection type.
  5. The Email (SMTP) Connection details screen pops up with fields that need to be configured.

    In order to configure the fields, you might need to contact your email administrator.

    Enter your email:

    • Host name
    • Port number
    • Username
    • Password
    • Protocol
      • SMTP
      • SMTPS
    • Trust Certificate (optional)
      • If the Trusting field is left blank, the user's default trust store is checked.
    • Connection timeout (s): in seconds, timeout used when connecting to a server.

    • Read timeout (s): in seconds, timeout when importing email data.
    • Write timeout (s): in seconds, timeout when sending email data.

    If you are using Gmail and fail to connect...

    1. Check that your Google password is matching the Google password requirements.
    2. Go to
    3. Locate Critical Security Issues Found and click Take Action.
    4. Click Check activity.
    5. Find the security alert where Hero Platform_ was trying to connect to the Gmail account and Click Yes, it was me.
    6. Return to
    7. Click Security from the left navigation menu.
    8. Locate the box Less secure app access and click Turn on access (not recommended).
    9. Switch Allow less secure apps from Off to On.
    10. Go back to Hero Platform_ and click Test Connection to confirm a successful connection to your Gmail account.
  6. Click Test connection. A confirmation message is displayed if the connection has been established with your email account.
  7. Click OK to finish saving the Connection in Hero Platform_.