Work with Documents

Automation Hero's document extractors allow you to create machine learning models to use as functions when building automated data Flows in the Flow Studio.

What Is an AI Model?

An AI model is an algorithm that learns to produce the correct output for a given input by analyzing patterns in example data.

Document Extractors

What Can You Do With AI Models?

AI models are used as a function in a Flow. When creating a Flow in the Flow Studio, plug in your AI model where needed to analyze your data and return the predicted results. 


  • Extract data from PDFs and images with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • Calculate what products and services to recommend by cross comparing customer data.
  • Understand from keywords and patterns if and what services are being requested by email and automate your replies.
  • Uncover insights into what data points lead to successful sales.

Removing Connections, Inputs, and data buckets stored in the Data Store that were used to create a model may cause that model to break. 

It is highly recommended to create a backup of Hero Platfrom_ components before deleting.