Work with Flows

What Is a Flow? 

A Flow defines an automation combining both a workflow and the flow of data. It contains the individual steps necessary to automate business processes.

How to Work with a Flow?

Create a Flow within the Flow_Studio to build an automation. From the Flows overview page, schedule your automations to run at specific times or have them triggered by events.

A completed Flow contains Input(s) specifying what data to bring into Hero Platform_, Functions to build your automation, and Output(s) to write the data back out of Hero Platform_.

Examples of using a Flow include extracting data from any web interface, filling out and submitting forms, or updating and interacting with web-based and business applications.

Flows Overview Page

View the Flows overview page by opening Automations and selecting Flows in the menu.

The Flows overview page displays all of your current Flows.

You can view the:

  • Flow name - Name given to identify the Flow. Click name of the Flow to view the automation in Flow Studio.
  • Throughput - The volume of records processed per second. The volume of data and the number of nodes available for processing effect the throughput. 
  • Backpressure - When the volume of data is larger than the capacity to process through the system. Hero Platform_ measures backpressure at every step of the Flow which allows for alerts if and where a bottleneck occurs. Backpressure displays as a percentage. If the backpressure is constantly a value greater than zero, Hero Platform_ recommends adding additional process capacity.
  • Runners - Runners traverse the nodes in the cluster. A node can have multiple runners. You can also have many runners processing a single Flow. More runners allow the system to do parallel processing. E.g., If you have four nodes and one node is processing a large amount of data, more runners allow for parallel processing. As other nodes finish their tasks, they can take additional load. 
  • Creator -  The Hero Platform_ user that created the Flow.
  • Schedule - The current schedule setting and last date/time the Flow ran.
  • Settings:
    • Edit - Select to edit the configuration of the Flow.
    • Delete - Select to permanently remove the Flow.
    • Clone - Select to create a duplicate the Flow.
    • Schedule - Select to schedule when a Flow begins to run.
    • See Details - Select to display details of a running Flow. Details include throughput, pull latency backpressure, and status.
    • Stop Flow - Select to stop the Flow.

 Resize column widths by dragging the lines between column headings.

Create a Flow

Learn how to create a new Flow.

Use Flow_Studio

Learn how to use Flow_Studio.

Flow Studio allows Hero Platform_ users to visually create data flows. After selecting a previously set up data Input, you can use a repository of manipulation and machine learning Functions that are available to point-and-click together simple or complex data flows that are eventually streamed into a Output. Data flows can be linear but also support circular structures.

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