Export or Import a Flow

A Flow saved in Hero Platform_ can exported as a ZIP file to a local file system. These Flows saved as ZIP files can be imported back into Hero Platform_.

Export a Flow

To export a Flow:

  1. Open the Flow dashboard.
  2. Located the Flow you want to export and click on the gear icon under Settings.
  3. Select Export from the drop-down list.

The ZIP file is downloaded to your local file system with accordance to your web browsers download settings.

Any checkpoint data from Inputs is exported with the Flow.

Export Multiple Flows

To export multiple Flows in a batch see Backup and Restore.

Import a Flow

To import a Flow:

Errors may occur when importing a Flow that was exported from a different version of Hero Platform_.

  1. Open the Flow dashboard.
  2. Click Import backup.
  3. Click Choose file to browse your local file system and select the ZIP file of the Flow to import. Click OK
  4. If the original Flow that is being imported is still in Hero Platform_, a box is displayed confirming the current Flow will be overwritten by the Flow being imported. 
    Click OK to complete the import of the Flow.

Importing a Flow with checkpoint information allows the user to select if the import should include checkpoint information.

Import a Flow without overwriting the current Flow

When importing a Flow, the imported Flow overwrites a Flow with the same artifact ID. 

If you want to keep your current Flow when importing a Flow with the same artifact ID, before importing, create a clone of your current Flow. After the current Flow has been cloned, you can safely import a Flow and overwrite the original.