Multiple OCR Functions


This function adds multiple OCR templates to a Flow. 

The purpose of this function is to help you match the correct document in your Flow to the correct Fixed Form Extraction template.

If you have multiple different versions of a similar document, this function searches and selects the best fitting template to use with your documents (the binary argument).


  • Select the argument. (Binary)
    • (Optional) Click Add argument field to add additional arguments. 
  • Select the OCR function templates.
    • Click Add template to add multiple OCR functions.
  • Click Save to add to function to the Flow.


Your clients submit documents to you from which you need to extract data. These documents are similar but not the same. Each version of your document needs a Fixed Form Extraction template. 

When you are designing your Flow, you want to simplify the logic used in the Flow and feed in all the documents at the same time. Using this function, you can feed the Flow all the different versions of your document and the function selects the correct Fixed Form template to use.

The results in the Flow select only the best match template for your Flow but a field is created for each template. The field with the selected template is populated with the resulting data. The field with the unselected template will have a <null> value.

Automation recommends using the IsNotNull (filter) function after this function to identify which template has been selected and contains data.