And (Filter)


Creates a logical comparison that tests if all conditions are true (Boolean). Records that meet the conditions are passed on within the Flow.   

A minimum of two arguments are required.

This is a filter function.

AND also has a formula function.


  • Argument
    • Select an argument. (Boolean)
  • Argument 
    • Select an argument. (Boolean)
  • Optional: Add additional arguments. (Boolean)


Example 1

Checking confidence scores from OCR is a good example in combination using the IsGreaterThan formula function on each field confidence, then this AND to filter when all are greater than.

The OR filter is essentially the same but with it being OR rather than AND.

Example 2

You have many pages of a document OCR’ed. The raw text is now available and you want to further process these pages with the extraction AI.

Before processing every page with the AI feature, it is worth filtering them down to the ones that are actual candidates of what you are interested in. You can apply a number of Contains functions to see if certain keywords are included in the text. Next, use the AND filter on the Boolean results of the Contains functions. Now you only process the pages (the raw text OCR result) that are likely relevant one into the AI.

This can save both runtime and money by avoiding running it against pages that are not relevant.

Hero Platform_ Example

An example of this function can be found in Hero Platform_'s library of examples.

Download the example titled "function_And" to see an example of this function.