IsEmpty (Filter)


Tests if the argument's fields are empty. Records that meet the conditions are passed on within the Flow. 

Empty is defined as string value with the string being zero (0) characters in length. A null value for a string is also considered empty.

The IsEmpty filter is often used in Flows to check if a field value exists before the next steps are run. For example, use the filter to only run a SQL Lookup on the tuples with the specified lookup value.

This filter function is similar to the filters IsBlank and IsNull.  They are all variations of checking if a value exists . The opposite of these filters are IsNotEmptyIsNotBlank, and IsNotNull.


  • Argument:
    • Select a field. (String or List) 

Hero Platform_ Example

An example of this function can be found in Hero Platform_'s library of examples.

Download the example titled "function_IsEmpty" to see an example of this function.