Flatten List


Returns each element of a list as an individual record.


  • Select an argument. (List)
  • Enter a output field name.
  • Click OK.


List DataFlatten List returns
[Fred, Jackie, Mike]Fred



Example 1:

The RegExtract function is used and there are multiple matches which are returned in a list of strings. Use the Flatten List function to break apart the list to see all the results. It is then possible to follow up with Filters or other functions as needed.

Example 2:

The SplitPDF function is used which results in a list of binaries. Use the Flatten List function to separate the list data into individual binary images. 

Example 3:

A range of ID values (1-10) is needed. Create a ConstantString with the value "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10". Use the function TokenizeList with a "," as the separator which creates a list of the values. Use the Flatten List function to separate the list data into individual values.