Encodes a binary or string using Base64 encoding.

There is no binary size limit. Binary data is stored on the file system while strings are kept in the memory. Take binary size into account so as to not overload the system.


  • Input field:
    • Select an argument. (Binary, String)
  • URL safe
    • Switches from Base64 to Base64url
      • Base64 uses the characters: +, /, =
      • Base64url instead uses - and _ and does not use =


A use case for using the Base64Encoder function:

  • embed a binary file, as a string, into an HTML or XML document. 
  • embed a binary file, as a string, into a JSON. It is then possible to use the Base64toBinaryDecoder to convert back to a binary or Base64toStringDecoder to convert back to a string..
String or Binary valueBase64Encoder() returns
<image/jpeg [253.4 kB]>/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEASABIAAD/...
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