Joins multiple argument values of any data type together as a string value and returns the value in a new column. Specified characters can be added between the joined column values.


  • Select an argument. (Any)
  • Optional: Select additional arguments. (Any)
  • Enter an output field name.
  • Optional: Enter joining characters added between concatenated values.
  • Click OK.


Joining a First and Last Name

In this example there is first name input field and a last name input field. The user wants both the first and last name separated by a blank space within the same field.

First nameLast nameConcat() joinerConcat() returns
JeffMurphy<blank space>Jeff Murphy

Joining Two Street Names Into an Intersection

Street1Street2Concat() joinerConcat() returns
BroadwaySeventh Avenue<blank space>and<blank space>]Broadway and Seventh Avenue

Hero Platform_ Example

An example of this function can be found in Hero Platform_'s library of examples.

Download the example titled "function_Concat" to see an example of this function.