Delete Tuple


Deletes Data Store records from Hero Platform_'s Data Store. Returns a new field with a true/false value (Boolean) if the record was successfully deleted.

While the Delete Tuple function deletes tuples from the Data Store, the deleted tuples are still available in the Flow being built until the Flow runs and finishes processing.


  • Select the tuple ID. (String)
    • This is the field that holds the IDs for each individual tuple stored in the Data Store.
  • Select the schema version. (Long)
    • A schema version is associated with all Data Store files.
    • The schema version for each file can be located and/or selected from the top of the Show Data configuration section in the Data Store. 
  • Select the bucket ID. (String)
    • This is the field that holds the ID for all the tuple records associated with a specific Data Store file. 
  • Mark the action for the policy if a tuple set to be deleted cannot be found.
    • Stop execution on failure: If a tuple set to be deleted is not found an error occurs and the Flow stops running.
    • Resume execution on failure: If a tuple set to be deleted is not found, the Flow continues.
      • Two additional configuration fields are displayed.
        • Error message: A new field is added to the Flow displaying the entered error message if an error occurs. (String)
        • Success: Enter the name for the success field. If the deletion was a success, a true value is returned. If the deletion encountered an error, a false value is returned. (Boolean)

The following fields are created for each Data Store input.

  • tuple ID
  • schema version
  • bucket ID


In this example, you have a Data Store Input with the data being stored in Hero Platform_'s Data Store.

The outcome you want is to delete the records of users that have a User_ID of 5 or less.

Create a new Flow and add the Data Store Input.

The first step is to filter for records with a User_ID of 5 or less. Select the IsLessThanOrEqual filter function.

The next step is to delete the remaining tuple records after the filter.

Select the Delete Tuple function and fill out the configuration fields as shown below.

The last step in this example is creating an Automatic Output to output the data back into the Data Store.

Click on the preview of the Output and a new column, "success", has been added showing that the records displayed will be deleted from the Data Store when the Flow runs.

After adding the Output, save and run the Flow.

After the Flow has run, exit the Flow and navigate to the Data Store.

There are two different files, the original data and the new data from the Output.

Double-click the original file to view the data stored in the Data Store.

The original data has deleted the records with a User_ID of 5 or less.