Download by URL


Downloads specified content from a URL string value and returns the content in a new column.


  • Argument:
    • Select an argument. (String)
  • Header parameters:
    • Enter the headers requested as a string value.
      • HTTP header fields are a list of strings sent and received by both the client program and server on every HTTP request and response. They are colon-separated key-value pairs in clear-text string format.

Errors may be encountered downloading data via URL if the appropriate headers are not set.

If problems occur, Automation Hero recommends first looking at the headers "Referer” and “User-Agent”.

List of HTTP header fields and definitions. 

  • Output field name:
    • Enter an output field name.

Hero Platform_ Example

An example of this function can be found in Hero Platform_'s library of examples.

Download the example titled "function_Download by URL" to see an example of this function.