Image to PDF


Generates a PDF from a JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, BMP, or PNG image.

  • When the input data is <null>, the function produces <null> as the result.
  • Multi page TIFF files are supported.
    • If a TIFF or TIFF page fails to render, an error page is rendered in its place.
  • Input fields with mixed binary data, including images, will result in errors if a non-image file is processed.
    • The MIME type meta data information is not explicitly checked. The image is detected by content.


  • Select an argument. (Binary)
  • Enter the DPI value.
    • The size of the output PDF page (inch x inch) is calculated from the resolution of the actual image and the desired DPI.
  • Enter an output field name.
  • Click OK.


Use this function when it is needed to output the images as PDFs for a consistent format or where it is required to merge multiple images in to a single PDF.