The IsGreaterThan formula function returns a Boolean value.

An IsGreaterThan (Filter) function works similarly but instead of returning a Boolean value, allows records which are true to pass on within the Flow.


Checks if an argument's value is greater than the specified number.  If the argument's value is greater than the specified number, a true Boolean value is returned. If the argument's value is not greater than the specified number, a false Boolean value is returned. A new column is created for the results.


  • Argument:
    • Select an argument. (Number)
  • >  Right Side Argument:
    • Enter a number to compare if it is great than the argument value.
  • Output field name:
    • Enter an output field name.


A user wants to check if an AI model's accuracy value is greater than 80%.

Column1IsGreaterThan() right side argumentIsGreaterThan() returns

Hero Platform_ Example

An example of this function can be found in Hero Platform_'s library of examples.

Download the example titled "function_IsGreaterThan" to see an example of this function.