Knowledge Graph


This function allows the user to select any input string  to compare against a Knowledge Graph field.

It helps increase the accuracy of correctly identifying words, short phrases. (Example: addresses)

It is possible to use this function to add Knowledge Graphs to your Flow without a Document Extraction model.


  • Knowledge Graph:
    • Select a Knowledge Graph located in the Data Store.
  • Field:
    • Select a field contained in the Knowledge Graph.
      • Large input values having a great number of characters/words produce less accurate results.
  • Current value:
    • Select an input field. (String)
  • Best Match:
    • Enter a name for the output field. (Tuple)
      • The results are a tuple with two elements: [<Value>, <Score>]
        • Value - the best match found in the Knowledge Graph.
        • Score - the confidence rating that the value is correct.