Merge PDFs


Merges binary and List[Binary] data with PDF content resulting in one PDF file that keeps the order of input fields.

Data (from a source like email or work tickets) may come with an undetermined number of attachments. Flow Studio can process each document separately when extracting data. This might not be ideal when wanting to utilize Robin for human review. The attachments need to be grouped with the email/ticket. This function can aggregate all of the attachments together and present them in a consolidated view.

This function can be used in conjunction with the Image to PDF function to set a consistent format.

This function has not been tested on large files. It is supported for consuming around 2.5 x the combined size of the PDF files to merge.

Example: On a test on 10, 2 MB PDF files, Hero Platform_ consumed 50 MB.

Automation Hero recommends the combined size of PDF files should not exceed 50 MB. Increasing the load may lead to performance and stability issues.


  • Argument:
    • Select an argument. (Binary or List[Binary])
    • Click Add argument field to add additional binary data.
  • Output field name:
    • Enter an output field name.