PDF Extract Image


Extracts all images out of PDF files from the file package.

Each image extracted is numbered consecutively in the following format:  <Image prefix name>_0001.jpg

A new column is created for the results.

A common use for this function is when a PDF contains small images that need to be keep separately, such as photos from a brochure or graphs from a report.

  • Requires the user to specify the PDF as binary data.
  • If there is no image information in the PDF's metadata, no images can be extracted. 
    • In this case, Automation Hero recommend using the PDF to Image function to capture the desired data.


  • PDF Content:
    • Select an argument. (Binary)
  • Images prefix name:
    • Enter an image prefix name as the base name for each image file.
  • Output field name:
    • Enter an output field name.

The output for the function is a single record as a list. Use a function like Flatten List to return each element in the list as a separate record.  


PDF Extract Image