Splits a multi-page PDF (binary) into a list of PDFs (list[binary]) consisting of all of the individual pages of the original PDF.


  • Select the input field with PDF files. (Binary)
  • Enter an output field name.
  • Click OK.


In this example, you have a PDF file that has 12 pages. Your goal is to separate the pages into individual PDF files.

In your Flow, select the SplitPDF function and add the field containing the multi-page PDF file.

The pages for each PDF file have now been added as elements in a list.

[page0.pdf, page1.pdf, page2.pdf, page3,pdf, page4.pdf, page5.pdf, page6.pdf, page7.pdf, page8.pdf, page9.pdf]

You can now use a function like Flatten List to separate each element (each PDF page) in the list.

When displaying the preview of the data in Hero Platform_, this new column will appear empty as binary files are not displayed in Flow previews.

Add an Output with a output field for the PDF files and run the Flow.

In this example, the original PDF had 10 pages. Now each individual page is its own individual file.