Tuple to Field


The Tuple to field function allows taking elements from a tuple value and using them downstream in the Flow as single values.

This function is helpful to send values extracted from documents to external systems through a database or REST Output. This function is also useful in creating understandable preview data and can build Flows where only one element from a complex tuple value is needed.

The output field replaces the corresponding input field. Only the selected sub-value for the tuple is passed on within the Flow.


  • Nested Paths:
    • Select from the available sub-values from input tuple fields. (Tuple)
  • Under Input field, Hero Platform_ populates all the tuple fields that corresponds with the above selected nested path.
    • Mark the boxes next to the sub-elements to replace the tuple them with the selected sub-value.
    • Mark the box next to Input field to select all the tuple fields.
      • The fields selected are converted from the original tuple value into individual value.
  • Under Output field name, Hero Platform_ populates a corresponding output field name to the original input field name. 
    • To add the sub-value name, to the end of the output field name, select the box for Append type to field name.
    • The user can also change the output name for the field by manually entering a new field name.


You selected the tuple field first_name (Tuple) that has four nested values.

Those values are:

  • value, (String)
  • confidence_score, (Double)
  • snippet, (BinaryData)
  • bounding_box, (Tuple)

In this case, you want to extract the value and confidence score fields. You select firstName.value and firstName.confidence_score.

From this point on in the Flow, only firstName.value (String) and firstName.confidence_score (Double) will be available from the original first_name field. 


Tuple to Field