Fetch Salesforce Content


Retrieves binary data of a ContentDocument in Salesforce and returns the value in a new column.


  • The Salesforce ID of the original object which is connected to the ContentDocument.
  • The Salesforce ID of the ContentDocument.
  • The version of the ContentDocument.

To acquire the information above, Automation Hero recommends using the SFDC Lookup function. 

  • Use the SFDC Lookup function on the target object to get the Object IDs.
  • Use the SFDC Lookup function on the "ContentDocumentLink" object to get the attachment IDs.
  • Use the SFDC Lookup function on the "Content Version" object to get the current version. 

This function only supports "ContentDocument" binaries in SFDC.

If "Attachment" SFDC binaries need to be accessed, Automation Hero recommends using REST API.


  • Argument:
    • Select an field containing the Salesforce ContentVersion URL. (String)

Example argument to enter (the URL):

The domain section of the URL is not needed in the argument as it is supplied from the Connection below.

The argument should start with an forward slash and contain the path

  • e.g. /services/data/v46.0/sobjects/ContentVersion/<ID>/VersionData

In the example path above, <ID> is the ID of the Salesforce ContentVersion.

Then end result is retrieving the file located at this URL (binary data)

  • Connection:
    • Select a Salesforce Connection created in Hero Platform_.