File Lookup


Retrieves queried data from the path configured in a file system Connection and returns the result in a new column.

File path example:


The function assumes that exactly one match will be found. If more than one match is found, the first matching result (randomly selected) is returned. If no results are found, a null value is returned.

The wildcard character (*) is supported in file system Connection paths.

Hero Platform_ variables are not supported in file system Connection paths. 


  • Connection:
  • Input field:
    • Select an input field that contains the full path to the files to be looked up. (String)
  • Parser:
  • From the field mapping table:

    The field depends on the type of parser selected. In most cases, field type is predefined and cannot be changed.

    • Confirm or change column names.
    • Remove or confirm the arrangement of columns.


This function can be combined with other functions. An example of this is using the SSH Lookup function to input file path data into the Flow Studio. Define exactly which file paths you need using a selection of filter functions. Then, using the File Lookup function, input the desired files.