Salesforce Lookup


Performs a lookup in Salesforce by executing a SOQL query.

The Salesforce Lookup function configuration requires the user to specify a Salesforce connection in Hero Platform_, add arguments, output fields, and type an SOQL query.

This function supports nested fields.


  • Select an argument. (Any)
  • Optional: Select additional arguments. (Any)
  • Select a Salesforce connection in Hero Platform_.
  • Mark if the argument strings should be escaped.
    • Examples:
      • replace a single backslash with \\
      • replace a line break with \n
      • replace a quotation mark with \” 
  • Enter an SOQL query string.
    • Variables can be used in this field if the variable is present in the argument. 

      • Variable syntax: 

        ${<field name>}

  • Review and select/move output fields and assign data types.
  • Click OK.
  • Provide a sample value for the input field(s).