SSH Lookup


This function allows for executing SSH commands using an SSH Connection.


  • Connection:
    • Select an SSH Connection from the drop-down list.
  • Execute in preview: (mark one)
    • Yes - Skips execution of the command in preview mode
    • No - Executes the command in preview mode.
  • Argument:
    • Select an argument from the drop-down list.
      • Multiple arguments can be selected.
  • Command:
    • Enter the SSH commands in the text box.
      • Values can be variables present in the argument.

        Example Behavior

        echo "Moving ${sourceFilePath} to ${targetFilePath}"

        move ${sourceFilePath} ${targetFilePath}

  • Output field:
    • Enter a name for the output field.


Use an SSH Lookup to let an automation developer manage files on a shared SSH Connection.

This user may want to count how many files are in a folder passed as an argument called "folder". 

Configure the SSH Look as shown below:

This returns the count of files on the field called "number_of_files".

The file can now be moved that the Flow has just processed successfully to another folder:

The user connecting to the server must have access to the folders/services being requested from the OS. If the Connection is configured with a user which is not authorized to view the contents of a folder, the output will be an error message.

The same happens for users executing a command for which they require elevated privileges.