SSH Lookup


This function allows for executing SSH commands using an SSH Connection.

The SSH Lookup function requires the connecting computer to be running an SSH server. 

Windows users must install an SSH server software. Automation Hero recommends using OpenSSH.


  • Connection:
    • Select an SSH Connection from the drop-down list.
  • Execute in preview: (mark one)
    • Yes - Skips execution of the command in preview mode
    • No - Executes the command in preview mode.
  • Argument:
    • Select an argument from the drop-down list.
      • Multiple arguments can be selected.
  • Command:
    • Enter the SSH commands in the text box.
      • Values can be variables present in the argument.

        Example Behavior

        echo "Moving ${sourceFilePath} to ${targetFilePath}"

        move ${sourceFilePath} ${targetFilePath}

  • Output field:
    • Enter a name for the output field.


Use an SSH Lookup to let an automation developer manage files on a shared SSH Connection.

This user may want to count how many files are in a folder passed as an argument called "folder". 

Configure the SSH Look as shown below:

This returns the count of files on the field called "number_of_files".

The file can now be moved that the Flow has just processed successfully to another folder:

The user connecting to the server must have access to the folders/services being requested from the OS. If the Connection is configured with a user which is not authorized to view the contents of a folder, the output will be an error message.

The same happens for users executing a command for which they require elevated privileges.