Create a Prototype Input

To create a Prototype Input, you must have a Prototype Connection.

Create a Prototype Input in Hero Platform_

  1. Open Hero Platform_.
  2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Inputs.
  3. Click Create New Input.

  4. Enter a name for the Prototype Input and select the Prototype Connection from the drop-down list.

    • Select a locale
      • The mock data generated is based on the locale selection. 
        • Example: If the locale is set to "de" the addresses generated would appear German.
    • Enter the number of mock records to generate.
    • Configure the mock records: 
      • Field name
        • Enter a field name for the generated data.
      • Group name
        • The selected group is attached to a list of associated attributes.
      •  Attribute
        • Select the attribute for which the mock data is generated.
        • The data type is displayed at the end of the attribute name.
          • The data type for all mock data is a String.
          • The data type can be manipulated using Formulas in a Flow.  

    • Example
      To generate mock data for records with a name, select the group "name" and select the attribute "name" or "fullName".

      The documentation and full list of the mock data can be found on

    • Click OK to save the Input configuration.