Create a RobinSkill Input

The purpose of RobinSkill Inputs are bringing the data from a RobinSkill Output back into a Flow.

Learn more about using the Robin in the Robin User Guide.

A RobinSkill Connection and an RobinSkill Output are required to create a RobinSkill Input.

Create an Input for RobinSkill in Hero Platform_

  1. Open Hero Platform_.
  2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Inputs.
  3. Click Create New Input.

  4. Enter a name for the RobinSkill Input and select a RobinSkill Connection from the drop-down list.
  5. Configure the RobinSkill Input data.

    • Select a post processing action:
      • Retain data - When the Flow is run, old Robin data is kept and can be accessed in the Robin application listed under the current data.
      • Delete data - When the Flow is Run, old Robin data is deleted and only current data is displayed. 
    • Select a Robin skill name.
      • Robin skill names a created from RobinSkill Outputs.
    • Select the Robin Output's schema version.
    • Data field mapping is based on the fields from the Robin skill Output.
      • Confirm the arrangement the order of columns.
        • Default fields:
          • _submitted User: the Robin user who submitted the task. 
          • _submittedTimestamp: the time the task was submitted.
          • _tupleId: the unique identifier for a submitted task.
          • _schemaVersion: the schema version used for the task submitted.

A URL for the Robin Task can be constructed using the <_tupleId> value.

<domain name>/robin-app/#/task-form/<outputId>/<tupleId>