Create a REST Endpoint Output

To create a REST Endpoint Output, you must first create a REST Endpoint Connection

REST Endpoint Connections do not support data coming from the aggregation function or functions that create multiple tuples from single input tuple. As each input tuple is bounded to a concrete HTTP request, removing the tuple or creating new tuple causes HTTP requests to fail as only one tuple from the Flow is expected.

Flow execution stops once the tuple has reached a REST Endpoint Output. Additional branches in a Flow after the REST Endpoint Output are not guaranteed to execute.

The REST Endpoint Output size request or payload can not be larger than 10MB.

Create an Output for a REST Endpoint in Hero Platform_

  1. Open Hero Platform_.
  2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Outputs.

  3. Click Create New Output.

  4. Give the Output a name and select a REST endpoint Connection.
  5. Configure the REST endpoint Output data.

    • Enter an HTTP method.
    • From the HTTP response body mapping table:
      • Enter or change field names.
      • Assign field data types.
      • Remove or confirm the arrangement of fields.
      • Add additional field names and their data types. 
    • Click OK to save the Output.