Create a REST Output

To create a REST Output, you must first Create a REST Connection

The REST Output is a Feedback Output:

  • Users can add Flow elements after the REST Output in the Flow Studio.
  • It produces feedback values (e.g., HTTP response code, parsed fields), that can be used in later Flow elements.
  • It does not execute for preview data, but the predefined preview response code is be returned.

The Rest Output is for sending HTTP requests to create or update entities.

Every incoming tuple can parameterize the request with Variable Resolution. Variable resolution works in endpoint, body (if not a multipart request), headers, query, and cookie parameters.

Create an Output for REST in Hero Platform_

  1. Open Hero Platform_.
  2. Open Integration from the navigation menu and select Outputs.

  3. Click Create New Output.

  4. Enter an Output name and select a REST Connection.

The rest of the output form consist of two parts:

  1. Select a request type:
    1. Text request configuration allows for inserting a body template and filling it from variables. This request is generally used for JSON based POST and PATCH requests.  
      1. REST Output Text Request
    2. Multipart requests are for emulating form submits or file uploads.
      1. REST Output Multipart Form-Data Request
    3. Binary
      1. The input is a BINARY_DATA field and always send the content as body.

      2. Headers, cookies and query params configuration is available. 

      3. Supported methods are POST, PUT, and PATCH.
  2. Select a feedback type:
    1. Status and body
      1. The HTTP response status code and response body are the feedback fields.
    2. Parsing
      1. A form appears for configuring the response body parsing.
      2. REST Output Parsing Feedback Fields

This screenshot shows the general structure of the Output Configuration