REST Output Parsing Feedback Fields


This page describes the part of creating a REST Output when the feedback type is set to Parsing.

  1. Select the input parser and fill its configuration. (See Work with Parsers)

    1. JSON (or possibly TEXT) parsers are usually used for JSON responses.

    2. The Binary parser can be used for downloading PDF files or images.

    3. Most other requests do not need to parse the response.

  2. Enter the preview response code. This response code is returned during preview execution.

  3. Enter the preview response body. This response code is parsed during preview execution.

  4. Click the refresh icon to display the lookup function tuple field mapping.

    The field mapping detection executes a real API call with the sample data if no “Example text for detecting“ is set. This action can cause changes on the server side when using POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE methods.

  5. Confirm or change field names.

  6. Remove or confirm the arrangement of fields.