Create an Automatic Output

Automatic Outputs are a convenient way to output data from a Flow into Hero Platform_'s Data Store.

Unlike the rest of Hero Platform_'s Outputs, the Automatic Output does not require the user to set up a Connection or the Output before using the Output in a Flow. After the Flow has been run, the output can be located in the Data Store.

Create an Automatic Output in Hero Platform_

  1. Open Hero Platform_.
  2. Open Automations from the navigation menu and select Flows.

  3. Create or Open a Flow in the Flow Studio
  4. Add an Input and functions to begin building the Flow.
  5. When ready to add an Output, click Output in the element browser.
  6. Click and drag Automatic Output from the element browser onto the Flow Studio canvas. 
    The Output is given a randomly generated name. Rename the Output by double-clicking the name in the Output element box.

  7. Connect a cable from an element to the Automatic Output.
    All fields in the Flow automatically have an output field mapped with the same name as the input fields.

  8. A box prompting for an name for the Automatic output is displayed. Enter a name and click OK to save the Automatic Output.

    After an Automatic Output has been added and connected within the Flow:

Configure an Automatic Output

Configure an Automatic Output by right-clicking on the Automatic Output in the Flow Studio. 


Select Preview to view the output data of the Automatic Output.


Select Edit to view the input and output fields of the Flow.

The input fields can be changed. The output fields cannot be changed.

Two additional fields are added to the output data.

  • Success
    • Returns true if the Flow processed the record successfully.
    • Returns false if the Flow encountered an error when processing the record.
  • Error Message
    • Returns [Blank] if the record was processed successfully.
    • Returns the error message of the error encountered when processing the record. 

Edit outputs

Select Edit outputs to view or remove output fields in the Automatic Output.

Fields with boxes with a checkmark are processed when the Flow is run.



Select Delete to remove the Automatic Output. 

Deleting an Automatic Output from a Flow does not delete the automatically created content from Connections, Outputs, or the Data Store.