General Administration Information for Hero_Flow

Sensitive Field Encryption within Hero_Flow

Connections, Inputs, Outputs, and Lookup functions may require sensitive passwords to connect. Passwords within these features are stored as encrypted in the Hero_Flow MongoDB. Every Hero_Flow installation automatically generates its own unique encryption key.

Imported Flow Password Security

Flows exported from Hero_Flow do not have unencrypted sensitive fields inside the exported .zip file.

Flows imported on a different Hero_Flow system require sensitive fields to be retyped manually. 

Hero_Flow Time Zones

By default, Hero_Flow's logging uses Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Set the Application Time Zone 

To view or change the Hero_Flow application time zone:

  1. Navigate to the Administration overview page.
  2. Click General settings.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select a time zone.
  4. Click OK to save the selected time zone.

An updated time zone is applied immediately.

A Flow currently running before the time zone change keeps the previous time zone until it has finished. When the Flow is manually scheduled again, the new time zone is applied.