Work with the Text Extractor

The Text Extractor has a pre-trained natural language understanding engine that can be used on any text data. The Text Extractor allows users to enter human readable questions and the model searches the provided text to display the answers as a result.

Create a Text Extractor AI Model

  1. Select AI Models from the navigation menu.

  2. Click Create Text Extractor.

  3. Enter a name for the Text Extraction model.
    Select a text extraction engine.
    Click Next.

  4. Select an Input for the source of the text data.
    Select the name of the field that contains the text data from which to extract answers.
    Click Save.

  5. The Text Extraction Studio is displayed.

    The page may need a few moments to load for the extraction engine to become active.

  6. Users can enter human readable questions after the preview has been loaded.
    Click Add field in the toolbar.

    Enter a name for the question.
    Enter the question.
    Click OK.

  7. The Text Extractor searches the text for the answer in the preview data and displays the the results in the Results Preview column.
    The bar to the right side of the result displays the accuracy prediction of the extracted answer.

  8. Use the left and right arrow buttons on the side of the text to navigate between preview pages.
    All user created question fields are applied to each of the preview pages.

  9. When satisfied with the questions and the extracted text from the preview data, click Save in the toolbar to complete the Text Extraction model.

  10. Click Close to exit the Text Extraction Studio.

Configure a Text Extractor Model

To configure a Text Extractor model:

  1. Open the AI Models overview page.
  2. Click the settings icon and select Configuration.

  3. Adjust the CPU cores to use for this Text Extraction model and enter a time (in seconds) for the timeout settings when the model searches for answers.

Use a Text Extraction Model in a Flow

After a Text Extraction model has been created, it can be used in a Flow.

To use a Text Extraction model in a Flow:

  1. Open and start creating a Flow in the Flow Studio.
  2. View the Text Extraction models in the element browser.
  3. Click and drag a Text Extraction model from the element browser onto the Flow Studio canvas.
  4. Connect the Text Extraction model using a cable from an element in the Flow.
  5. Configure the fields for the Text Extraction model.
    • The input field is the text content to analyze. 
    • The output fields are the questions created in the Text Extraction Studio.
  6. Click OK to finish adding the Text Extraction model to the Flow.