Create a File System Connection

 The File System Connection is the method to connect and add data from comma separated value (CSV) files in Hero_Flow through a Source.

The Connection is restricted to only reading comma separated value (CSV) files.

Create a Connection to an File System in Hero_Flow

    1. Open Hero_Flow.

    2. Click Connections from the menu on the left.


   4. Give the Connection a name and select File System from the drop-down list for Connection type.

   5. The File System Connection details screen pops up with fields that need to be configured.
       The first field is labeled Input file system. There are three choices:

Local File System

Select Local File System to connect to a folder on the system where Hero_Flow is installed. 

Note: Local File System is not the user's file system. It is your Hero_Flow's local file system.

  • Enter in the path of the folder where the files are stored.

S3 File System

Select S3 File System to connect to an S3 bucket.

  • Select the S3 region for your file from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the path to the folder location where the file(s) are stored.
  • Enter the name of the S3 bucket.
  • Enter your AWS S3 access key.
  • Enter your AWS S3 secret key.

DropBox File System

Before being able to connect to Dropbox, you need give permission for Hero_Flow to access Dropbox.

Go to and log into Dropbox.

Click Create App.

Select Dropbox API as the API.
Select Full Dropbox as the access choice.
Enter a name for the app.
Click Create app.

Make a note of your App key and App secret.

Enter your Hero_Flow redirect URI for the OAuth 2 setting.


Your Hero_Flow instance URLRedirect URI to enter in Drop Box

To import the data type DATE_TIME, the data must be formatted as follows: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

Select DropBox File System to connect to a DropBox folder.

  • Enter the Dropbox App Key
  • Enter the Dropbox App Secret
  • Enter the file path in Dropbox to the folder you want to connect.


   6. Click TEST CONNECTION. A conformation message is displayed if the connection has been established with your Hero_Flow's local file system or S3 file system.

   7. Click OK to finish saving the Connection in Hero_Flow.