Create a REST Connection

Create a Connection with REST in Hero_Flow

  1. Open Hero_Flow.
  2. Click Connections from the menu on the left.

  4. Give the Connection a name and select REST from the drop-down list for Connection type.
  5. The REST Connection details screen is displayed with fields that need to be configured.

    • Select the authentication type from the drop-down list.
    • Enter the request base URL.
    • Enter requested headers and/or cookie parameters if the target API requires providing extra headers or meta data. (Optional)
      • These names and values are added to all Input, Output, and lookup Function requests.
      • Header and cookie parameters are stored encrypted for security. 
    • Enter the connection timeout value.
    • Enter the socket timeout value.
    • Check the box to enable automatic retries. (Optional)
    • Check the box to follow redirects. (Optional)

  6. Click TEST CONNECTION. A confirmation message is displayed if the connection has been established.
  7. Click OK to finish saving the Connection in Hero_Flow.