Create a REST Output

To create a REST Output, you must first create a REST Connection

Create an Output for REST in Hero_Flow

  1. Open Hero_Flow.
  2. Click Outputs from the menu on the left.

  3. Click Create New Output.

  4. Enter an Output name and select a REST Connection.
  5. Configure the REST Output data.

    • Select the HTTP method from the drop-down list.
      • POST
      • GET
      • PATCH
      • HEAD
      • PUT
      • DELETE
    • Enter additional requested headers, query parameters, and/or cookie parameters with their values.
      • These parameters override the Connection parameters. 
    • Enter the body text in JSON format.
      • Variable syntax:

        ${TUPLE.field name}

    • Tuple field names are generated by variables used in the base URL, header, query parameters, cookie parameters, and body.
      • Confirm or change field data types.
      • Remove or confirm the arrangement of fields.
    • Click OK to save the Output configuration.