Create a RobinSkill Output

The purpose of RobinSkill Outputs are designing what data is displayed in the Robin application. 

A RobinSkill Connection is required to create a RobinSkill Output.

Open Hero_Flow.Create an Output for a RobinSkill in Hero_Flow

  1. Click Outputs from the menu on the left.

  2. Click Create New Output.

  3. Give the Output a name and select your RobinSkill Connection.
    • Enter a name for the Robin skill.
    • Enter a description for the Robin skill. 
    • Enter the field names under the field mapping table.
    • Click Next.

  4. The task list editor defines the headers displayed for each task. These headers are sortable in the Robin application to allow for better organization and priorities. 
    • Under Tuple fields, select the tuple fields to be used as Robin task list table headers.
    • Under Robin 'Task List' table headers, enter a title to be displayed in as a header for each field.
    • Click Next.

  5. The schema editor defines how each field box is displayed and how they operate. 
    • Select the UI type for each field. (Based on the data type of the field.)
    • Select the edibility for each field.
      • Read only - The data in read only fields are for display only and cannot be edited.
      • Optional - The data in optional fields can be edited. A task can be completed even if the field remains empty.
      • Required -  The data in required fields can be edited. A task cannot be completed if the field remains empty.
    • Click Next.

  6. The layout editor defines where each field box is displayed in the Robin application and how large the fields are.
    • Drag and drop each of the field names on the left into the layout editor to assign where each field is displayed in the Robin application.
      • Up to four fields and be added to each line.
      • Fields can be extended horizontally to take multiple slots on the same line or vertically to take up multiple slots on separate lines. 
    • At the top of the editor, select a task header.
    • Click Next.

  7. Select the users that have access to the Robin Skill.
    • One or more users can be selected to have access to the Robin Skill.
    • The Hero_Flow administrator has access to the Robin_Skill by default.
    • Click Save to finish saving the RobinSkill Output.


Access the Robin Application

In a web browser address bar, type: <Your Hero_Flow URL>/robin-app

After creating a RobinSkill Output, the skill is active in the Robin application. Opening and logging into the Robin application displays the skill name and the task headers. No data populates the skill until it has been used within a Flow.

Learn more in the Robin User's Guide.