Work with Sinks

What Is a Sink?

A Sink is where the results of your data are written after the calculations and manipulations are completed within your Flow.

In the Flow, after you bring in your data through a Connection and Source, you build your automation using Flow Studio's operators. After you complete the automation you write out your resulting data with a Sink. The Sink may use the same Connection as your Source, or it may be written to a different Connection. However, the data is always written to a new table rather than overwriting the original data.

Sinks can incorporate Flows created in Flow Studio or models created in AI Studio.

How to Work With a Sink?

The Sink is the end of your Flow pipeline. When the Flow is complete, you need to write out the results. The results are written out using a Sink. This result can also be used in other later Flows.

When you configure Sink, you specify what data is written, either to existing or new output fields.

Sinks Overview Page

View the Sinks overview page by clicking Sinks in the menu.

The Sink overview page displays all of your current Sinks.

You can view the:

  • Sink name - Name given to identify the Sink.
  • Type - The type of technology of the Sink. 
  • Creator - The Hero_Flow user that created the Sink.
  • Last modified - The date the Sink was last updated. 
  • Settings:
    • Edit - Select to edit the configuration of the Sink.
    • Delete - Select to permanently remove the Sink.
    • Clone - Select to create a duplicate the Sink.

 Resize column widths by dragging the lines between column headings.

Create a New Sink

See how to create a new Sink.

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