Work with Sources

What Is a Source?

A Source identifies the data that you want to use within your Flows to create your automation. You specify the Connection to the location where the data located and then identify the data in that location that you want to use. Depending on the Connection type, you can specify additional options.

Your Sources can also be used to create AI models.  

How to Work with a Source?

A Source defines what data is brought in from your Connection. From within your Flow, you bring in your data by adding a Source and then using abilities including functions, filters, and joins, you can refine that data to fit your automation goals. 

Sources Overview Page

View the Sources overview page by clicking Sources in the menu.

The Sources overview page displays all of your current Sources.

You can view the:

  • Source name - Name given to identify the Source.
  • Type - The type of technology of the Source. 
  • Creator - The Hero_Flow user that created the Source.
  • Last modified - The date the Source was last updated. 
  • Settings:
    • Edit - Select to edit the configuration of the Source.
    • Delete - Select to permanently remove the Source.
    • Clone - Select to create a duplicate the Source.

 Resize column widths by dragging the lines between column headings.

Create a New Source

See how to create a new Source.

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